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Laura´s Turntable Cabinet From Old-Shcool Suitcase

After Laura Kampf’s old-school suitcase broke, she turns lemons into lemonade and transforms it into a cabinet for her record player.

My grandfather bought this suitcase in hong kong in the 80s and i found it in my parents attic when i was about 14.It is save to say that this suitcase has seen some places and A LOT of festivals.

You guys know I am a big music lover and i collect vinyl. one thing that always bothered me about the beautiful Technics MKII turntables is the ugly plastic dustcover-so recycling the suitcase into a recordcabinet solves this issue finally!


I will update the complete music area in my house so you can expect more music and vinyl related builds soon.I am a self-employed Artist/Designer/Maker and Content Creator. I am deeply passionate about my Workshop, developing my Skillset and Making Stuff.