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Lazareth’s Custom Mini Cooper Pickup Truck Powered By A 3.5L V8 Range Rover Engine

Lazareth is a French company who specializes in showing people that extreme rides, do not necessarily need as much as four wheels. For instance, they managed to turn a Mini Cooper into a mouthwatering V8-powered pick-up. Even more, they had the common sense to show it in a video alongside a pretty sick quad.

source/image: Lazareth Auto-Moto

This exceptional machine is driven by a mechanical RANGE ROVER V8 placed on the front axle! It is a rear-wheel drive vehicle with twin wheels. You will be surprised by the quality of finish, the many carbon parts made to measure and of course the atypical sound for a MINI.

The original Mini V8 Pick-Up Lazareth!This achievement is unique: model 001. The work done on the body is consequent. This car is not just an exercise in style, but under the hood is a Range Rover V8 3.5L.


The power is transmitted to the ground by 4 rear wheels. In fact, the mudguards house two twin wheels. To summarize, this Mini Pick-Up uncompromisingly combines the class of an Englishman and the character of an American.It can be used as a sculpture, dhowcar or advertising vehicle. Ideal for a decoration in a restaurant or a car dealership!