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Leatherworking Make a Custom Leather Sheath

This project starts with the machete and how I wanted to carry it. There are many possibilities when carrying such a tool. I know that I’ll be walking around the farm property and it’s quite dense with small trees and thorn bushes. One option was to place the machete across my chest and make a shoulder holster.

source/image(PrtSc): I Like To Make Stuff

Another option was to make a sheath that laid against my lower back in a horizontal position. I decided to make a drop-leg sheath but align it at an angle so that I could have free range of motion with my leg. Because the property is pretty hilly and thick with vegetation, I would be bending and moving in a way that would interfere with a straight-leg holster.read more: I Like To Make Stuff

I hung the machete up against my belt in the angled orientation. Noting the position and how far it was from my belt, I transferred these rough measurements to a roll of paper.


I traced the machete and because I had to account for the leather that would need to be stitched together, I added about a 1/2″ (1.25cm) offset to the outline. The angled belt loop was hand-drawn near the machete handle and I accounted for the extra material that would need to fold over to wrap around my belt.I Like To Make Stuff