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LEF 100% Electrically Powered Vehicle


The LEF is a new form of mobility. It is not a bicycle, but a 100% electrically powered vehicle. You are covered by the unique movable windshield, so always dry and out of the wind.

source/image(PrtSc): LEF Elektrisch

In traffic, the LEF is equated with the bicycle in terms of parking, so you can park on the sidewalk or in the bicycle shed. You can move easily in the LEF. Sustainable, fast and you are aware of the changing way of moving.

With a power consumption of 15 Wh / km, driving the LEF is very future-oriented. Do more with less energy!You must be at least 16 years old to drive a LEF. You don’t need a driver’s license.


Practical! Behind the tilting back of your seat you have 50 liters of luggage space. Enough space to take a backpack, laptop bag, but of course also your groceries.Range:Feel free. Three battery packs: 10Ah for 30 km driving distance, 20Ah for 60 km and 30Ah for optimal freedom for 90 km driving pleasure./ LEF Elektrisch

VIALEF Elektrisch
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