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Lehel Alexanders 26T Predator Motorhome


The ultimate choice of the professional. The 26T Lehel is the king of horse boxes.The most innovative, the most stylish and the most luxurious vehicle on the planet.A book is too small to list the possibilities.The classical English, the modern minimalist, the stylish HTI designs provide everyone with the right choice.

source/image: Alexanders Horseboxes

More akin to a luxury yacht or private jet, you will surely be impressed with this vehicle, and have all the practical space and facilities to make any stable yard proud.

source/image: Alexanders Horseboxes

Built on a brand new Scania Kingcab chassis in 2016 and only covered 15600 miles. Huge specification chassis to include 410bhp engine, Opticruise gearbox, rear steer, full air suspension.Beautiful bespoke luxury living with sleeping for 8 and double slideout.


The stylish and luxurious 26T Lehel also has the option of multiple slide-outs on both sides of the living, the bathroom and the roof: therefore maximising all available space and enriching the equine experience.

Large slide out seating area finished in luxurious black leather for 6 people with 2 additional matching stools Pulls out to create double bed with removable high gloss black table and additional coffee table.Spacious hydraulic king size bed in luton (memory foam mattress) 2x windows with curtains, TV and privacy curtains.

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