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Life In The Trees With The Treehouse Masters

Who wouldn’t want to live in an amazing home in the trees? The Treehouse Masters have risen to international fame for their incredible homes nestled amongst the trees. In this episode, we travel to Seattle, Washington to meet Nelson Treehouse and Supply, and visit one of their outstanding treehouse creations.

image/text credit: livingbiginatinyhouse

The treehouse is accessed by a rustic set of stairs which wrap around the trunk of the tree and curve down to the ground below.

image/text credit: livingbiginatinyhouse

The exterior of the treehouse is exquisitely finished, with spectacular yellow cedar shingles. A large porch area provides plenty of space to relax, entertain and enjoy being up amongst the trees.

image/text credit: livingbiginatinyhouse

Under a large picture window is a couch which is easily big enough for a comfortable afternoon nap. The view outside the window serves as one of the few reminders that you are actually in a treehouse.


As the tiny house movement takes off around the world, ever increasing numbers of individuals are exploring interesting alternative housing options.

A treehouse makes a wonderful addition to the list. The team at Nelson Treehouse and Supply have recently also started a YouTube channel to provide resources to DIY enthusiasts who are wanting to build their own homes in the trees.