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Lightning Strikes Plane At Florida Airport, Worker Badly Injured!

A ground worker at a Florida airport is out of the hospital after being struck by lightning on the tarmac. The eye-popping moment was caught on video.While several bolts came close to striking the tarmac and surrounding area, all it took was one strike on the rear side of the plane to put 21-year-old Austin Dunn in harm’s way.

image credit: TODAY 

The plane was backing up as it prepared for takeoff, with Dunn working under the plane’s right wing.Once the bolt of lightening struck the rear of the plane, it sent a shock through the aircraft, electrocuting Dunn in the process.After the incident, his coworkers scrambled to get him to safety.

Dunn suffered third-degree burns all over his body and spent nearly two weeks in the hospital recovering from his injuries. Fortunately, he’s been released from the hospital in the days since the story broke.


According to Dunn’s family, the worst damage is to his hand where the electricity first made contact.Airport officials told local media that the lightning warning system at the airport was activated at the time of Dunn’s accident.