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Lightyear One The Electric Car That Charges Itself With Sunlight & Will Have a 500-mile Range

Introducing the electric car that charges itself with sunlight.CEO of Lightyear announces our mission.Dutch company Lightyear launches four-wheel drive solar-powered car able to drive for months without charging.

image/text credit: Lightyear

Currently, all cars of the world combined drive one light year, every year. That is 9.500.000.000.000 km. Every year.Powered by fossil fuels. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of electric cars so that by 2030, one light year will have been driven electric.

Stellar, 2013 (image source)

They are working on this since 2012 and there first prototypes, called Stellar and Stellar Lux, both won the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. To that, we are providing a scalable solution.From a fossil fueled powered light year to a solar powered light year.The Lightyear team claims the car can fuel up with more than just sunshine.

Stellar Lux, 2015 (image source)

The One is equipped with an charging port for charging from an outlet, even a regular ol’ household power socket. Lightyear claims that just plugging its car into a standard (3.7 kW) outlet for an hour would give you 40 km (about 25 miles) worth of power.


The solar power collected by the car’s panels could be used to power more than just the One itself, allowing owners to transfer the energy into their homes, devices, and even other electric cars.

This type of system isn’t unlike how utility companies are harnessing nascent solar systems and batteries like Tesla’s Powerwall to bolster their grids, but a mobile charger sharing power is a new wrinkle to the practice.