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Lioness Sneaks Up Behind, Just a Short Video Of a Close Encounter Between a Lioness & a Safari Guide

It all started early one morning as we were watching this lioness and her sisters gently play with the cubs in her pride. It looked as if they were about to all lay down for a nap so we decided to head out to look for a leopard but as we left, one of the adult males of the pride jumped up and ran off at full speed, then another male, his brother, did the same.

image/text credit: Kruger National Park

We quickly sped off to track them. We caught up with the two males with a water buck in their jaws that moments earlier a leopard had originally taken down. Our ranger parked our land cruiser with the kill off to our left to get a better look at the two males fighting over the waterbuck.

As we were watching the two males on the kill on our left, the lioness decided to climb up a dead tree next to land cruiser. We never saw or heard anything at all, not one single sound, yet there she was a few feet away.


After this experience, our ranger told me that this was closest he had ever been to a lion in his entire life! – Video TakerThis Amazing Sighting happened in Sabi Sands which forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park area.This is just a short video of a close encounter between a Lion pride, a Lioness, a safari guide and tourists. a Real close up Lion experience !