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Liquid Piston Rotary Engine Hydrogen Powered Go-Kart


The guys at Liquid Piston Mounted The Liquid Piston Rotary Engine on the Go-Kart and ran it on Hydrogen for the 1st Time, proving that the Liquid Piston Rotary is well suited for Hydrogen.

source/image(PrtSc): Warped Perception

The company has adjusted its basic engine for karts (X-Engine) by adding a battery to recover energy while braking.It turns out that the very specific operation of the rotary engine is compatible with the faster combustion of hydrogen.

I also show a clip of the see-thru Liquid Piston Rotary Running on Hydrogen in Slow Motion to see what is happening inside this new revolutionary Rotary Engine While it’s running on Hydrogen and how it’s so much different than the Wankel Rotary Engine.


I also show the original see-thru Mini Wankel Rotary that I built in Slow Motion for a comparision. I cant wait to see where they go with the hydrogen-powered rotary, seeing as the only byproduct of burning hydrogen is air and water this is a fuel that just might carry us into the future, who knows but tell me what you think in the comments./Warped Perception