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Living Full Time in this Spacious Truck Camper RV


Welcome to Johnny’s world on wheels! Dive into the journey of Johnny, a full-time traveler who has transformed his truck camper into a cozy and functional home for himself and his two dogs, Luna and Willa. Join him as he gives you a tour of his compact yet well-equipped living space, Vangelina Jolie, built to thrive in all four seasons.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover how Johnny has creatively maximized space and comfort in his truck camper. From a well-stocked kitchen with modern amenities to a versatile bedroom with ample storage for his adventure gear, every corner is thoughtfully designed.Johnny’s kitchen is a testament to efficient use of space, featuring a three-burner cooktop with an oven, a large sink, and ample storage for cooking essentials. His clever additions, like the slide-out pantry and power station, demonstrate his attention to detail and practicality in tiny living.

The bedroom in Vangelina Jolie is not just a place to sleep; it’s a storage haven for Johnny’s extensive outdoor gear. With a comfortable queen-sized memory foam mattress and strategic storage solutions, it’s a cozy retreat after a day full of adventures. Johnny’s truck camper includes a wet bath, offering convenience and ease of maintenance. He shares his preference for a flushing toilet over a composting one, highlighting the simplicity and hygiene of his choice.


Understanding the importance of self-sufficiency, Johnny has equipped Vangelina Jolie with a diesel heater and an upgraded solar power system. This ensures that he stays warm and powered up, regardless of the season or location. The outside of Vangelina Jolie is as functional as the interior. Johnny walks you through the external storage options, the outdoor shower, and the awning, which provide convenience and comfort during his travels.