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Living Off Grid In an Earthship-Style Passive Solar Home


Kristina is a structural engineer who designed and helped build this off-grid passive solar home with solar panels, solar hot water heaters, rainwater collection, a composting toilet, and a greywater garden.

source/image: Exploring Alternatives

It’s a pretty impressive and functional Earthship inspired home and she lives here with her partner Matt in Colorado.Incorporate Passive Solar Design by using the power of the sun and how it interacts with your home.

Build with materials that store and regulate heat.Create a building envelope with non-toxic materials that will keep either the warmth or the coolness inside.


Utilize the ambient temperature of the Earth to keep your home from ever freezing or overheating.Adding a composting toilet will drastically reduce the water you’ll need to save.Recycling water using a greywater garden will not only reduce water usage but will allow you to grow vegetables indoors and outdoors.