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Living on a Tiny House Boat For 5 Years


Living on a narrowboat in the UK has provided Dave with the home and tranquility he needed to recover from the sudden loss of his wife, and the depression that followed. But after 5 years of continuous cruising on the canals, he is now thriving and living in the moment in part thanks to his connection with nature.

source.image: Exploring Alternatives

Dave’s boat is a 57-foot-long Liverpool narrow boat that was built in 2005. The interior was already exactly as he wanted it, but the exterior needed some TLC and he spent two months sanding down the exterior so that he could treat the rust, prime it, and re-paint the boat.

He says this lifestyle isn’t all castles and roses, and there’s a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes of living off the grid while on the water.


For example, Dave has to move the boat every two weeks according to the Canal and River Trust rules, he has to fill his water tanks and empty his cassette toilet by hand, he has to collect groceries and wood on foot using a trolley, and he services the diesel engine himself as well. Not only that but the boat is only heated with wood, so temperatures can drop below freezing in winter if the fire goes out while he’s away.We appreciate Dave sharing his story and his struggles with mental health so openly. We all need help sometimes!