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Lockheed Martin’s Hybrid Airship Is Taking Off Next Year

More than two-thirds of the world’s land area and more than half the world’s population have no direct access to paved roads. As you move farther away from infrastructure, cost, time and the safety of transport becomes more of a challenge. The Hybrid Airship enables affordable and safe delivery of heavy cargo and personnel to virtually anywhere – water or land – with little to no infrastructure.

image/text credit: LockheedMartinVideos

Hybrid Airships safely and sustainably support a wide range of activities in areas with little to no infrastructure.The small test version of the Hybrid Airship, called the P-791, was over 100 feet long and still towered over us and my host, Bob Boyd, Lockheed Martin’s Hybrid Airship project manager.

The airship offers the simplicity of a pickup truck by carrying cargo loads and personnel in and out of remote areas daily, not just certain seasons or only after major road, rail or airport infrastructure is developed.


Straightline and Hybrid Enterprises, Lockheed Martin’s hybrid airship reseller, are finalizing the purchase agreement, which has a potential value of US$480 million.Straightline expects to start receiving the airships, which have a maximum speed of 110 kilometres an hour and a cargo capacity of 20 tonnes, in 2018 with the final ones arriving by 2021.