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Luxury Container Home Tree House 40ft Cantilever


Steve and Nancy, along with their family and friends, designed and built one of the most creative container homes in the world! Using four containers total, they have two standing vertically to create the stairwell, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny House Giant Journey

Then the final two containers which house the kitchen, living room, and hot tub area (yes, you read that correctly) are horizontally cantilevered out & supported by a tree!Watch the video from Tiny House Giant Journey:

To top it all off, they created a two-story rooftop deck.This container home is a labor of love and the brainchild of a father/son engineering team.


The family uses the home as a vacation getaway and as an Airbnb (so you can rent it)! Booking info is below./via: Tiny House Giant Journey

VIATiny House Giant Journey
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