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Luxury Shipping Container Home

Over the last few years we at Gateway Container Sales have written a lot about various types of shipping container homes. They are renowned for being cheap and easy to build, with much of the work done off site before the containers are effectively dropped into position and fitted together.

source/image: containerbuildgroup

The low costs of building means buyers can spend more on modern flooring, boutique furnishings and high end styles.And now a Queensland-based building company is offering lavish homes at a fraction of the usual price.

source/image: containerbuildgroup

Over recent years the market for homes made from the large steel containers has boomed, with the low cost and making them affordable to many first-time home buyers.


This luxury container home is configured with 14 x 20 FT shipping containers, with an industrial look and feel with top end luxury fittings and finishes.Each container was completed in our factory and delivered to site and installed within 5 hours.

Ranging from $138,000 for a three-bedroom home to closer to $300,000 for a five-bedroom house, the properties are usually around half the cost of building normally.