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LX03 Autonomous Battery-Electric Wheel Loader Concept


Inspired by the ZEUX concept devised by Volvo CE and LEGO® Technic engineers and designers, the Volvo LX03 is the first real-world example of a self-learning wheel loader with the brains to make decisions, perform tasks and interact with humans.Volvo Construction Equipment is proud to present Volvo LX03 – an autonomous concept wheel loader that is breaking new grounds in smart, safe and sustainable construction solutions.

source/image(PrtSc): Volvo Construction Equipment

This fully autonomous, battery-electric wheel loader prototype is pushing the boundaries of both technology and imagination. Meet some of the people behind the LX03 project. The LX03 is a 5-ton wheel loader that has the capacity to be made larger or smaller with just one or two changes to the manufacturing process.

It is a zero-emission, low-noise machine with a runtime of up to eight hours.Volvo has designed the car to be modular, so that as long as “change one or two places”, the load capacity can be adjusted according to customer needs.


It is designed to be a smart and safe worker, equipped with a brain that has the capacity to adapt to different scenarios, make decisions in real-time and—most importantly—collaborate with humans./Volvo Construction Equipment

VIAVolvo Construction Equipment
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