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Lynxx LXIV Is An Amphibious Multi Purpose Platform Vehicle

Lynxx LXIV is a sophisticated engineered mobile hydraulic platform with enormous versatility. The vehicle is targeted for application in exploratory drilling environments where, we believe, it has the potential to virtually eliminate the routine and expensive use of helicopters..

image/text credit:  Lynxx Technologies

While the vehicle’s most unique application will be as a mobile drilling platform, it will also be used extensively as an incredibly capable nimble transport unit.Its utility will include hauling personnel, fuel, drill rod, and drill rigs between base camps and drill sites.

image/text credit:  Lynxx Technologies

Beyond Mining, its amphibious capability, light footprint, and impressive payload enable its application to many other challenging tasks.


For example, the LXIV is ideally suited for Ice Road Building, Forestry practices, Hydro line installation and maintenance, Trail Grooming, Search and Rescue, Natural Disaster remediation, and Highway Development/Maintenance.

The Lynxx has many unique and proprietary aspects which contribute to its unmatched engineered performance. First and foremost, its modularity enables easy assembly/disassembly in the field by local crews.