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Magnetic Levitation On a Axisting Rail Concept


Ironlev announces the successful achievement of the world’s first magnetic levitation test on an existing route. In cooperation with the Veneto Region, Ironlev successfully tested the vehicle on the Adria-Mestre route.

source.image: Ironlev

The test demonstrated, for the first time ever, the possibility of applying magnetic levitation on rails of railway lines already in use, with significant advantages in terms of efficiency, noise and vibration reduction.

In particular, during the test, the prototype vehicle weighing 1 ton successfully traversed the reference track at a self-limited speed of 70 km/h, without the need to make any modifications to the 2-km-long test track or to supplement it with additional elements.


Thanks to this technology, which is why it is technically called ‘passive ferromagnetic levitation’, the magnetic skids actually suspend the vehicle by interacting directly with the conventional railway tracks.

The next objectives include the development of an additional motorised trolley to arrive at a test of a complete vehicle, weighing up to 20 tonnes and with speeds of up to 200 km/h. The first commercial applications will be people-mover transport systems for sustainable and sustainable and low-noise mobility solutions in urban environment.