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MAHLE Air Conditioning Compressor Working Principle 3D Animation


Learn how the MAHLE air conditioning compressor works in this 3D animated video.The air conditioning compressor is the heart of vehicle air conditioning.

source/image(PrtSc): MAHLE

It compresses and circulates the refrigerant and —when operating properly—ensures that the optimal temperature is maintained in the cabin of the car. The AC compressor is typically driven by a V-ribbed belt.

An A/C compressor is indispensable for temperature management in a passenger car: It compresses the gaseous refrigerant, heating it up in the process. The refrigerant passes via the intermediate stops of the A/C condenser and the evaporator, where the required evaporation cooling for the cabin is produced, and it is then returned to the A/C compressor—and the cycle starts all over again.


The unit is generally driven by the engine via a V-ribbed belt. For lubrication, the A/C compressor is filled with a special oil, some of which circulates through the air conditioning system with the refrigerant. The size of the A/C compressor varies according to the size of the system.

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