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Majestic Off-Grid Cabin In The Japanese Mountains

Hidden in the forest amongst the mountains of rural Japan is this spectacular off-the-grid cabin. It’s the perfect blend of Japanese architectural concepts and European-style design. The home is simple, yet functional and serves as a perfect place to escape the modern world.

source/image: Living Big In A Tiny House

A father over in Japan turned his getaway cabin into a family home. The young dad, who goes by the name Daigo, built the tiny cottage on unused family land in the mountainous woods of Sakuho, in Nagano Prefecture with a group of friends from school.

There is something undoubtably romantic about the idea of retreating to a little cabin in the woods. This notion has been wonderfully encapsulated by this spectacular off-the-grid cabin, which is hidden amongst the rural mountains of Sakuho, Japan.


The cabin itself runs completely off grid and although it may be small, it has composting toilets, solar panels to provide electricity and fresh water that runs from a shrine in the mountains.