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Make it Real: These Guys Make A Lightsaber (2500° of Destruction)

You can feel the heat radiating from across the room; It is scary how hot this thing is! Earlier this year, we embarked on an ambitious project: making a functional lightsaber; capable of epic destruction. Well, we have done it! We made a 2500 degree Fahrenheit glowing yellow hot protosaber that even produces the classic swoosh and hum sound effects.

image/text credit: thehacksmith

Why build a glowing yellow-hot lightsaber? For destruction of course! Most materials, including many metals, will melt at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit or less, making this truly functional protosaber capable of cutting through almost anything!Our design is the closest to a functional lightsaber, as it will be able to cut things, it looks like it, and it sounds like it.read more(thehacksmith).

It was definitely a challenge deciding which type of metal to use. We wanted something that could handle the immense heat without melting or oxidizing! Initially, we used tungsten for the blade of the saber.


Although tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, over 6192 degrees Fahrenheit, it rapidly oxidizes at higher temperatures.We discovered this when the first saber spewed smoke and spit tiny chunks of metal after being heated. Finally, we settled on Kanthal heating wire which is stable up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.