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Make Your Own Mechanical Electronic Circuit Boards


Learn about electronics – without any electricity! Build mechanical circuits with Spintronics.Feel the pull of voltage and see the flow of current. Electronics is abstract, but Spintronics makes circuits tangible, irresistibly touchable, and deeply intuitive.Spintronics is a new game (ages 8 to adult) from the makers of Turing Tumble where players build mechanical circuits to solve puzzles.

source.image: The Engineering Mindset

Players feel the pull of voltage and see the flow of current as they discover electronics in a tangible and deeply intuitive way, using the first physical equivalent of electronics ever built. It’s fun, fascinating, easy-to-learn, and irresistible to play.Electronics is the foundation of modern technology, but it’s an especially difficult subject to understand.

That’s because it’s so abstract – it can’t be seen or felt – so we have to rely on advanced math to understand what’s happening, putting it out of reach for kids and most adults. That’s so unfortunate because there are few subjects as naturally compelling as electronics. Electronics is about bending raw energy: splitting it, storing it, multiplying it, reversing it, and shaping it to your will.


Spintronics lets you experience electronics in a relatable way. Instead of electrons flowing through wires, chains flow through circuit components like mechanical resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, and switches. Players build all sorts of crazy contraptions, and in the process, they discover important electronics concepts. Even many advanced concepts become obvious when you play with them in mechanical form. You’ll never see electronics the same way again.