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Make Your Own Sand Blaster With a Soda Bottle!

Pressure blasters, also known as media blasters or sandblasters, offer quick removal of rust, corrosion, body fillers, and coatings.Whether you are stripping a rusty frame or cleaning up paint and rust, a pressure blaster is a must-have tool for anyone working on a project.

image credit: Roman UrsuHack 

To build a sandblaster you need a way to harness compressed air and sand, and a way to send it through an applicator gun.Check out the video of this DIY project to learn more on how to make one at home! It might not be for everyone but might be a handy little hack that you could find to be worth a shot.

After modifying a basic compressor blow gun that costs no more than a couple of dollars,you’ll be able to manipulate the bottle in such a way so that the sand all falls down and is dispersed by the gun after being propelled forward by your compressor.


Again, definitely not the perfect solution but for a temporary solution, doing something like this could really be the way to go.You will also need some good protective eye wear, safety glasses at the minimum, but you’re best off using enclosed goggles, a hat and long sleeves.