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Making a Beautiful Segmented Vase

My 100th segmented vase is done! I started this series of 100 vases and bowls back in 2007. My neighbor let me borrow his mini lathe and said have fun, thats where it stared for me.

image/text credit: Kyle Toth

This vase is called The Calm Before The Storm, it represents where I came from knowing nothing as a woodturner to me now as a woodturner and artist and to what I’ll be up too in the future.

The vase is made in Zirocote and Maple. Huge thanks to Grizzly Tools for giving me this awesome lathe. Thanks for watching!


When the actual segmented woodturning is completed we will break out the sandpaper and illustrate the sanding process and prepare for finishing the vase.The construction of the bottom employs two, staggered layers and a multi-size plug to prevent any wood movement due to atmospheric changes.