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Making a cool LED desk lamp – DIY Contour DESK Lamp

Want to add some style to your space? I got you covered with this diy contour lamp. This lamp is made from plywood wrapped with iron-on veneer. I used led puck light, but any light can be used. It’s also equipped with a toggle switch and a cool mahogany lamp base. The parts and tools used are listed below.

image/text credit: DIY Creators

Talented DIY’er Glen Scott shares instructional videos of various woodworking projects on the YouTube channel, DIY Creators. We featured his DIY platform bed that has floating nightstands.Over again, he has shared a tutorial video to make a cool DIY contour table lamp.via(homecrux).

This DIY desk lamp is made of plywood covered with iron-on veneer and a simple LED puck light is used for illumination. He also added a toggle switch and lamp base to the wooden desk lamp more interesting and convenient.


This lamp is both functional and beautiful, capable of adding unique warmth and character to your table. Making DIY contour desk lamp is not easy, but it’s not too complicated either. If you want to create such table lamp by yourself, here are some brief instructions you can follow to make one.