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Making A Mini Fridge for a Camper Van or Desktop!

Make a mini fridge using a styrofoam cooler for the fridge with a pair of computer heat sinks and fans for the peltier plate, and a temperature PID controller. The external heat sink sucks away the excess heat generated by the peltier plate, and the internal one helps spread cooled air around the inside of the styrofoam cooler.

image/text credit: Natural Nerd

The PID controller allows you to set a preferred temperature to maintain in the box, which will then control the outputs to keep it that way. The space inside the fridge is big enough for normal sized cans, large cans, chocolate bars, carton drinks, capri suns, chocolate bars, or anything else you might want.

The fridge features an adjustable temperature dial (optional), fan cooled peltier plate, magnetic hinged door, and an LED light that comes on when you open the door.


TAKE CARE when dealing with electronics, especially mains power. Make sure you know what you are doing, or consult an expert. If the AC power plugs connects with the aluminium foil or anything else that conducts power, it may be lethal if touched.