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Making a MODERN Outdoor Concrete Wood BENCH

Making a garden bench out of concrete or wood provides a place to sit and relax in the garden. But a garden bench can also be a decorative feature, or provide storage. Here are a collection of DIY concrete and wood garden benches that you can make for your own garden.

image credit: DIY Creators

This bench, designed by Fu-Tung Cheng, is easy to make in either fiber-reinforced or traditional wet-cast concrete. The end pieces support a wooden seating section which can be made from a range of wood species.

The concrete end pieces are formed with melamine-coated particle board which is also readily available from our local lumber supplier. If you’re careful when de-molding, you should be able to reuse the form for many castings.


This solid concrete garden bench won’t cost much to make and you can use powder pigments to tint in various colour options, or apply a coloured concrete stain. You will find instructions for making this concrete bench here.