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Making a Plasma Coil Bottle Launcher – Home Science

YouTuber NightHawkInLight has made a new plastic bottle-inspired device. This time around he constructed a launcher that uses a propane torch for fuel. When he holds the trigger, it fills the soda bottle with a mixture of propane and air.

image/text credit: NightHawkInLight 

Once there is enough fuel in the bottle, he releases it and the bottle soars off with a loud bang.This bottle launcher is a combination of some of my earlier alcohol fueled launchers and the propane pop gun project from a few years ago.

I hope you enjoy this one, I’m very happy with how it turned out.There are holes that I drilled by hand for zip ties and the U bolts that are not listed on the schematic, but should be easy enough to see in the video.


There is plenty of room for customization.The new design involves heavy plastic tubing mounted to a custom-cut rifle stock which is then attached to a small propane torch. Yes. A frigging torch.