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Making a Serving Platter Out Of Walnut Natural Edge

How about a DIY serving tray. It’s definitely a useful thing to have in any home. It makes breakfasts in bed so much more enjoyable. Maybe you already have a serving tray which could use a makeover.

The possibilities are endless as you could cut them out in an oval or round shape as well. Round the edges with sand paper before staining, then wrap a couple up with a big red bow and gift to your friends with bottle of wine!

This tray is perfect for a coffee table to hold the remote and a couple of magazines and also works great as a serving tray. It’s a simple beginner project that anyone can do!


There are so many ways that these trays can be modified, from paint and finish, to how smooth or rough they are. You can adjust the size, handle type, tray bottom pattern without changing the general construction of them at all!