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Making a Unique Bog Oak Coffee Table (Robot Project)

I started by by cutting 3 slices from bog oak log and let them dry over a period of a month. After I decided the slices were dry enough, I brushed all the edges with wire brush until I reached healthy black wood. All the slabs are first surfaced on their top sides then on the bottom.lignum

source/image: lignum

For this purpose I used a 8cm surfacing tool on kuka robot. After surfacing was done, I marked the area where to insert an inlay made from Siberian larch wood. X and Y coordinates were taken with robot and input into a sketch in rhinoceros cad program. Areas where inlays come are then pocketed with 12 mm, 3 flute, flat end mill bit.lignum

source/image: lignum

Larch inlays are cut and glued into pocketed areas using ordinary acetate based d4 wood glue. After drying, side is surfaced once again and sanded with progressively finer sandpaper. Same process is repeated for the top side of bog oak slices.


On each slab, the hole is milled trough which a steel pipe will be pressed later on. For table base, I used 16 mm thick steel plate which I cut into desired shape and drilled a hole in which a steel rod is welded.

Legs are also made from 16 mm thick steel and are 6 cm tall. After everything is welded together, steel is spray painted and fastened to bottom wood slice with 6 mm 6 cm long wood screws. In the end, all 3 wood pieces are stacked one on top of each other.