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Making DIY Unique Front Suspension Tilting Tricycle

Going so far i’m introducing my new front suspension tilting design built to attach on a bicycle frame.The benefits of that system is that you can carry a big basket between the front 2 wheels, as big as is the space there, because of the parallel moving of both wheels compared with the steering system.

source/image: WhyNot Cycles

Also the front suspension giving a smooth scrolling above the road bumping transferring the bounce from one wheel both to suspension and the other wheel – not to the frame.

source/image: WhyNot Cycles

Farthermore, despite the fact that the wheels have a soft feeling of damping individually, when they are overloaded at the same time, suspension hardens exponentially to withstand the pressure it receives.


Those “tilting designs” usually fail to keep the center of gravity low when cornering produsing the oposite phenomenon to their vehicles that attached. Having big wheel diameter, making that worse, because the user have to fight with the center of gravity when cornering. To solve that parammeter i choose a the very low front arm joints geometry relative to the hubs of the front wheels.

Disadvantages of my design is front braking. Because of the fact i have independent front wheels, braking is determined by road traction of each wheel. When one of them slips, the other push the front system to turn at one direction. I’m working to find a solution to this problem by putting a steering damper to my front system to decrease tha fact.