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Making An Awesome Infinity Mirror Clock

Making an infinity mirror (Also known as LED illusion mirror) clock using an old wall clock, a led strip and some wood. With Limited tools such as a cordless drill, drill bits, pliers and a screwdriver is all we need to make this project come to life.

image/text credit: Vasilis Papadopoulos

The lights are dazzling to watch,after a quick rainbow effect, it looks like the mirror enters clock mode.An easy and cheap to make woodworking project video from FS Woodworking.Infinity mirrors are a set of mirrors configured in such a way that light sources inside of them appear to multiply to “infinity.”

Since one-way mirrors are used on at least one surface, you can look into this strange light field, observing what you might have seen by accident in a gym or other situation where two mirrors are facing each other.


The Infinitely Mirrored Anachronism was born out of a creative spark that hit one night while playing around with double-sided mirrors and LED arrays.Its name, “IMA”, comes from the Japanese word for “now”.