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Making Artists’ Paintbrushes Is An Art In And Of Itself!

Most painters need only two things to make art: their paintbrushes and paint. But making the humble paintbrush is a labor of love by dedicated craftspeople.The many outstanding features of a handmade brush with top quality raw materials are often taken for granted by painters with exacting requirements.

image credit: Science Channel 

Properly made, a natural hair brush should have excellent colour holding capacity, a lively elasticity and should quickly regain the original shape the brush maker formed when new paint is absorbed. All the features result in a highly precise, elastic instrument. Considering the ancients were using wooden branches bound with hair, one can see the advantages for the modern artist.

Everything begins with the end: the animal tail. At the tip, the hairs are particularly strong. By selecting only the finest quality hair, the brush can be used delicately or aggressively and give the artist optimum results whether they are a realist painter or an abstractionist. Selecting the right hair is of the utmost importance for this flexibility.


At our factory the brush-maker needs only a knife and a pair of scissors. The pair of scissors to cut through the string, the knife to remove from time to time hairs or bristles which are blunt or lying backwards.Last but not least, each brush is carefully checked to see if the finishing of the brush-head is impeccable and the ferrule is firmly attached to the handle. Carefully packaged, it may then start its travel, perhaps over mountains and oceans, to one of our loyal customers making art in the wide, wide world.