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Making Crocodile Dentist Toy for All Family

Crocodile Dentist is a game made for young children, first published by Milton Bradley in 1990. This is a great kids game to play with the entire family and the candy in the crocodile mouth is an added bonus!

image/text credit: The Q

In this video I show you how to make extremly fun family friendly toy crocodile dentist. All you need is come cardboard, dc motor, battery, paint and follow instructions from this video! You will get creative and unique toy for 2 or more players.

Every time you open the croc’s mouth a random tooth will be sore.You never know which tooth that will cause his jaw to snap shut.The rules are simple.Take turns pressing on a tooth, but don’t pick his sore tooth Or Crocodile will snap down on your finger!



Before you toss out those cardboard boxes, think again. Crafty parents, designers, and a handful of creative kids have all pitched in to build some truly magical toys out of cardboard. Why spend so much money on toys when they can have just as much fun with a big cardboard box?