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Making Of a ‘Silva Fenestra’ Ring Out Of Sterling Silver and Amboyna Wood

In this DIY jewelry tutorial I will show you the process I used to make a wood & hammered silver ringWith the correct equipment and these step by step instructions, anyone can make a simple silver ring. Some abilities required to make a ring include using a saw and using a torch. This project requires much attention in order to complete each step safely.

This handmade silver ring is absolutely gorgeous. It is inlaid with a beautiful piece of amboyna burl wood. Amboyna is a hardwood that has a lovely red brown color and interesting grain pattern.

This elegant ring is inlaid with Amboyna Wood and a sterling silver ring or pinstripe.This beautiful piece of jewelry can be worn as a men’s silver wedding ring or women’s engagement ring.


Amboyna Wood, named after the Island of Amboyna, Borneo, is the most sought after burl wood for obvious reasons. The curling, swirling grain colors range from yellow-gold to deep red, brown, and black. It is one of the rarest and most expensive woods on the market.