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Making Portable HHO Generator For Torch

In this project you will see how to make a simple, cheap and effective HHO torch that can melt small pieces of metals like tin cans. This can be used in various applications it can be connected into your fire torch or in your car which is also known as the HHO Hybrid Generator which can reduce your fuel consumption.

source/image: M.N. Projects

A lot of people are asking what and how does a HHO Torch/Generator works. It is simple a HHO torch/Generator separates water molecules into gas, now you will have a mixture of Oxygen and Hydrogen gas which can give a powerful kick or flame.Watch a YouTube Video on how to build a Torch.

From that assembly you can then attach a torch of any size you want depending on where or what you want to use it on.If you’re an artist you can have the mini or pencil torch which is a portable one for jewelry making, or bigger ones for cutting iron/steel and stones.


The advantage with a hydrogen powered torch is that it is claimed to be much more powerful than ordinary gas and with the kind of generators used, it is environmentally friendly since the only exhaust is water and is cost efficient since it is also generated from WATER.