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Making Powerful Motorized Electric Skates


There are a lot of motorized and modified vehicles such as skates, scooters, bicycles.. But no motorized rollers.I decided to create one using powerful electrical screwrdivers. The result is a fully working, powerful electric rollers.

source.image: The Q

Experience the thrill of gliding through the city on your very own DIY electric inline skates, powered by a powerful electrical screwdriver or drill.

source.image: The Q

With DIY kit and a powerful electrical screwdriver or drill, you can easily convert your regular inline skates to electric.


Seeing how The Q put it together is always a unique experience. Or perhaps, it was the chain drive and the wired remote on each inline skate that made it cool?

Or was it the matching-to-the-power drill lime green sprockets that made it looks awesome?The scates also are equipped with adjustable speed you can adjust the speed of your inline skates to match your skill level or terrain.

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