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Mammoet’s Focus Crane Design Concept 3D Animation

The construction of the crane is underway! The animation demonstrates how this new type of high capacity crane can be erected vertically in a very small area. This makes it the ideal heavy lift solution for efficient and safe project execution in congested spaces, such as plants and inner cities.

source/image(PrtSc): Mammoet

The main boom is erected vertically with the help of a climbing frame. Once the main boom is in place, the back mast can also be installed vertically, eliminating the need to sterilize larger parts of a plant area for crane assembly or build over live pipe racks.

The assembly process is less complex, safer and more efficient, and significantly reduces the area needed and downtime of crane assembly.Note that the crane’s upper structure is placed on a pedestal.


This enhances its stability and lowers ground bearing pressures to less than 10 tons per square meter on a surface of just 30 by 30 meters. The animation also shows the variable super lift system, with a radius that can be adjusted under load from 16 to 30 meters. This will increase the crane’s flexibility, delivering a larger operational window, especially in congested areas.via/read more: Mammoet