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Man Turned a Citroen Into a Motorbike to Escape the Desert


In one of his many road trips to Morocco, Emile Leray (nicknamed the “Doctor of African Mechanics” by his friends) hit a roadblock.. literally. Well, actually it was a rock in the middle of the desert, but you get the idea.

source/image: Great Big Story

With his car’s front axel destroyed and a limited food supply, Leray faced an uncertain future. So what did he do? Engineered the ultimate DIY escape.

Leray built a desert motorcycle out of the parts of a broken-down Citroën 2CV in 1993, while on a solo trip in Morocco. His car broke down in the middle of the Sahara when he accidentally hit a rock which damaged his car’s chassis.


He was stranded tens of kilometers from the nearest settlement, with only enough food and water to last ten days. To survive, Leray created a motorcycle out of parts of his broken-down car twelve days later. When the police finally caught with him a heavy fine was levied against him because the registration did not match the vehicle.

SOURCEGreat Big Story
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