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Mansory Flying Hypercar Car Concept


This is how Mansory sees the future: meet the first-ever Mansory flying car.Mansory, renowned for its automotive extravagance, has taken center stage with a virtual flying hypercar, a wild fusion of eccentricity and aerodynamic design. While purely fantastical for now, one can’t help but speculate that Mansory might leap ahead in the race for flying cars while continuing to customize ground-bound supercars.

source.image: Planet Car News

This flying hypercar stands out distinctly from other vehicles on the market, with subtle resemblances to Ferrari and Lamborghini models at the front and rear. Noteworthy is the absence of wheels, suggesting levitation when the driver wishes to “land.” Extensive work has been done on the aerodynamics of this unique creation, featuring specially designed forms to optimize airflow.

The flying car pictured in our video adopts a sporty and aerodynamic look, with a front fascia inspired by the latest Ferrari supercars, and a rear end dominated by a massive diffuser, by full-width LED taillights and by a shark inspired wing.We don’t know when the flying cars will become mainstream, but if they look like this Mansory creation, then the future looks great indeed!


Equipped with wings on each side and a rear spoiler reminiscent of an airplane, the fixed spoiler serves no directional control function. Despite its purely fictional nature, this project is not intended for commercialization, serving more as a creative exploration. Mansory, known for pushing boundaries, continues to be a source of inspiration, hinting at a potential new dimension for their more conventional creations.