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Mantis 2.2-litre Turbo Diesel-Powered Hexapod Walking Robot


Mantis the spider robot is a large, robotic spider created by Matt Denton and his company Micromagic Systems. It took four years to create and design it. The robot is capable to transport one person and can circulate on any surface.

source/image(PrtSc): Matt Denton

This 2.2-litre Turbo Diesel-powered, British-designed and -built walking machine can be piloted or remote WiFi-controlled, stands 2.8 metres high with a five meter working envelope and weighing in at just under two tonnes.

Pronounced “the biggest, all-terrain operational hexapod robot in the world” the Mantis stands 2.8 meters tall and weighs in at 1,700 kilograms.The robot is 2.80 m high. Several sensors around it help it to walk.


The robot is controlled by a computer running the Linux operating system and HexEngine software, which controls the hydraulic solenoid in the legs. It is driver-operated by joysticks within a cockpit, can travel at approximately 1 mile per hour.