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Mariana Snailfish, The Deepest-Living Fish In The World

Mariana snailfish, the deepest-living fish in the world, are filmed in the Mariana Trench at depths of 7,000 to 8,145 meters.The small, slimy creatures have adapted to thrive under the intense pressure of the Mariana Trench.

image/text credit: UW 

At its deepest—more than 8,000 meters the pressure is approximately 1,000 times the standard atmospheric pressure of water. This would be like an elephant standing on your thumb.The lack of light at such a low depth rendered the fish’s skin thin and almost transparent.

The Mariana snailfish, as they’ve dubbed the species, has a translucent body reaching a length of over four inches, and looks somewhat like a overgrown tadpole. The Mariana snailfish feed on crustaceans, which are plentiful in the deep sea; many snailfish specimens brought back to the surface had a full stomach.


They are the deepest-dwelling fish ever discovered.Scientists took a close look at the physiology of the fish and ran DNA tests to make sure the population they sampled was sufficiently distinct from other types of fish to be designated as a newfound species.