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MARS Matrice 200 Pro Drone Dual Parachute System For Drones With Automatic Trigger System


MARS Parachutes Introduces the parachute system for the DJI Matrice 200. The MARS Matrice 200 Pro System is the world first Dual Parachute recovery system for the DJI Matrice 200.

source/image: MARSparachutes

Equipped with the ultimate control unit combining the best of both worlds, Mayday (automatic) and Nova (manual) triggering deployment technology.

Our Mayday (automatic deployment device) can detect problems within 600 milliseconds and deploy the parachute within 25 ft of freefall, while the Nova offers the pilot the secondary control over a falling drone.


The Mayday board will detect a malfunction within .400 seconds and deploy the parachute to safety while the manual radio system gives you the secondary control if a manual deployment if needed. This system provides the ultimate level of safety & functionality for one of the most sophisticated & expensive aircraft flying today.

Test Results

  • Flight height : 150ft
  • Flight speed : 18-20 MPH
  • Deployment method : Mayday (automatic deployment system)
  • Deployment height : 124ft
  • Damage: Fractured landing gear
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