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Maserati’s Supercar The MC20 Aria By 7Design


The Maserati MC20 brings the hype, but does it live up to the reputation!? I’m driving the 7Design MC20 Aria; featuring new carbon bodywork and upgraded exhaust system, to find out whether I got it all wrong. I wasn’t overly impressive by it, but was I right or wrong, let’s find out!

source/image(PrtSc): Shmee150

I drove an MC20 for the first time when it launched around one and a half years ago, on a day when I was slightly under the weather, on winter tyres, and was never truly impressed by the stock car. Since then, it has won Car of the Year awards and been acclaimed by many journalists, so I’ve been intrigued to find out again whether I was off, or what it’s really like.

To do so, we’re dialling it up with the limited edition MC20 Aria package from 7Design; one of only 25 such kits to be offered that add stunning details to the Italian supercar. With around 10 so far spotted around the world, this particular example features the stunning combo of the blue tinted carbon fibre for the new parts against the metallic silver grey paintwork.


There are 7 parts to the full package featuring the new splitter, diffuser, aero roof scoop, side skirts and the hood vent inserts. In addition, it also features a Josefin Garage stage 2 exhaust system that packs more of a punch from the Nettuno TT V6 engine; with plenty of sound to be enjoyed on the road.There’s no question, this absolutely looks the part. The details on the new components from 7Design are stunning and it’s genuinely amazing. However, when it comes to driving, I’m again not as blown away by it as I hoped to be – find out why in the video.