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Massive Hornet Nest Removal Recorder On Camera

A bee keeper was called to remove a massive wasp nest in Patterson, Louisiana recently and it was one of the biggest and scariest nests we have ever seen!The wasps settled in the abandoned garage and the incredible size of the nest even shocked the experienced beekeeper.

image/text credit: Stinger Creations

A GoPro camera was attached to his body and the entire removal was recorded. You can literally tell the exact moment when the bees decided to go into attack mode.

It is said that this swarm was so vicious that it could kill a human in seconds.Check it out below…it is absolutely crazy! The noise of the wasps hitting the GoPro camera is scary enough in and of itself.


Hornets are a large member of the wasp family but their stings are more painful than regular wasps because hornet venom contains a large quanitity (5%) of acetylcholine.