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Massive Shark Jumps Onto Fishing Boat And Gets Stuck!

Video shows the 180-pound shark writhing and twisting underneath the boat’s bow rails as passengers gasp.Passengers aboard a charter fishing boat were surprised when a mako shark jumped aboard their vessel during an offshore trip earlier this month.Captain Don Law told Newsflare that the close encounter happened off the coast of Long Island .

“He jumped on the boat! Oh my god,” one person can be heard shouting.We’re going to be famous,” someone else on the boat says.The shark even bites the rail several times, bloodying its mouth, in a futile attempt to escape.Eventually, the video shows, the fishermen manage to lasso the bloody shark and cut it free.

It then slips into the water and swims away.The shark eventually managed to wriggle part of its body free, leaving just its tail hanging on.But the fishing crew stepped in, helping to cut it free.


“Anybody who says makos jump and they could land in the boat, well, ours did,” one of the passengers laughed. “I’m glad he landed up there and not in here!”