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Maverick Viñales MV12 Transforming RV Motorhome 5-Star Hotel On Wheels

The MotoGP caravan that travels the world during the season carries material and equipment worthy of leaving anyone with their mouths open. One such example is Maverick Viñales’ motorhome.The Maverick Viñales MV12 mobile house has a size of 80 m² and a total length of 14 m and width of 2.5 m. Interestingly, the feel of luxury still appears in the interior.

source/image(PrtSc): riojavehicles

On the ground floor, an exclusive and private impression is immediately felt because there is a private room owned by Vinales . In the large-sized room, there is a super-large mattress, TV, wardrobe, and a bathroom complete with a shower. While the upper part is made public where colleagues Vinales can chat in the living room which also has access to the terrace.

On this floor there is also a tum room with two medium sized mattresses. A motorhome is a driver’s home during his/her stay in the paddock. They are constructed and designed in painstaking detail, in search for greater comfort and functionality.


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