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McMurtry Speirling Pure Fastest Closed Wheel Car


The McMurtry Spéirling Pure shows what it is capable of at the Hockenheimring, and what makes it the fastest car you can buy in the world! After breaking records at the Goodwood hillclimb, we’re with the team at the Dörr Group Day in Germany to set some lap times… it’s mind-blowing!

source.image: Shmee150

McMurtry have engineered a track hypercar that you can buy as a customer, which takes a totally different approach to anything that has come before. As an EV fancar, not only do you have 1,000hp with variable settings, but an extraordinary 2,000kg of downforce that’s available from a standstill – unlike traditional downforce which is strongest at the fastest speeds. The result is something that could be set to GT3 car pace, LMP2 pace, up to Le Mans Hypercar pace, or even dialling all the way to corner even faster than an F1 car.

After an introduction to the car with Thomas Yates, the man very much behind it, we’re also guided through the process by former-F1 driver Max Chilton who is responsible for piloting this rocket ship. There’s a lot to take-in about the car that effectively any private owner can buy, take to their local hillclimb or circuit, and set by far the best laptime ever – all without needing anything like F1 level driving experience.


With cornering in excess of 3G, and power to weight of almost 1:1 combined with nearly double its weight in downforce, there’s no denying the McMutry Spéirling Pure is in a league of its own. And when Max is unleashed with Hockenheim’s official timing gear hooked up, a time of 1:24.43 hits the point home very quickly. The 1:24.43 is the Closed Wheel Record at Hockenheim, beating the 2020 DTM Pole time of 1:28.337 and being 14.1 seconds faster than the Mercedes AMG-One Track Focused Hypercar under test.