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Meccanica SOLO Tiny Three-Wheeled Electric Car


The Solo three-wheeled electric car by Canadian company ElectraMeccanica Vehicles is marketed as a short-range vehicle for commuting, the SOLO is a single-passenger three-wheeled, battery electric vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): ElectraMeccanica

It has a 17 kWh battery, 160 km range, a 130 km/h maximum speed and a 3–6 hour recharge time. Its 82 hp (61 kW) synchronous electric motor produces 174 newton metres (128 lb⋅ft) of torque from a standstill.

Three hours to a full charge. All the best parking spots. The Solo is powered by a 17.3 kWh NCA Battery liquid cooled and compatible with universal charging stations everywhere.


Solo has 99% fewer parts than a combustion engine—meaning significantly fewer opportunities for things to go wrong. The solo is rigorously tested, and tested again. It’s being engineered to meet global motor vehicle safety standards for today and the future.

The details you expect, and some you won’t: Heated seat. Vegan-friendly vehicle. Bluetooth stereo. Rear-view camera. Keep all the perks of your full-sized car, but none of the upkeep and a fraction of the costs.

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